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New ENISA advisory: Data collection and storage in the EU

Written on:June 6, 2012

In this field study of the current state of data collection and storage within the EU, an extensive introduction to the subject of data collection is given and minimal disclosure-principles are shared. Using case-studies of social-networking, transportation sector and the telecommunication sector, the disclosure-principles are explained and mapped to the current level of privacy protection. In contrast to the US market, EU companies are required to work on a basis where the least amount of personally identifiable information (PII) is collected. The study also compares the EU regulations to the Canadian and Australian privacy regulations. The study provides two major insights which cloud service providers often overlook: 1) Data anonymisation and the possibility of re-identification and 2) The right to be forgotten. Ending with recommendations aimed at EU legislators, this article gives a jumpstart into understanding the current state of privacy in Europe. Click here to read the full report (at Enisa)